In2Com Now:
In2com, IPG and Call-IT, the customer contact specialists under Koramic2Engage, are joining forces.
From January 1st, 2023, we will continue our growth story under the name WEngage.

Meet your future colleagues @ in2com

Meet some of our brilliant people and learn more about their careers and roles in our customer engagement contact centre.

Anthony Puchal

My first steps within in2com where as a job student for the project “kind & gezin”. I saw a company full of possibilities, and as a young guy who wanted to learn a lot I saw many opportunities.

After my period as a student, I was able to start working for in2com. I chose to start with a sales project to broaden my knowledge.

After a few months in2com gave me the opportunity to grow and develop into the role of Team Supervisor. I was able to fulfill this role at the project where it all started for me, “kind en gezin”. With the right support and a healthy dose of ambition, I had this role with great pleasure for 3 years.

After this period I wanted to reorient myself and work in a more sales oriented way and so I got the opportunity within in2com to take up the position of Sales Excecutive. My strength lies in the fact that I have a good understanding of the needs of the sector and of our partners. I owe this to the different roles I have had within in2com. This way I can offer a tailor-made solution and this with a satisfied customer as a result.

Today I can proudly say that I have the position of Sales Manager. My track record makes it easy for me to convince others with great enthusiasm how fabulous this company is.

Besides work, I find pleasure in practicing my greatest passions, which are cooking, soccer and fitness. My specialty is paella, the national dish of Spain. As my name suggests, my roots lie in the beautiful Spain. I play soccer in an indoor team, together with 3 other colleagues of in2com.

“Make a customer, not a sale.