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Nine years ago, I walked into a temporary employment agency and they sent me right away on a job interview at In2com. And before I well knew it, I was working as an Advisor on one of their sales projects.

But as I am not really a sales person, I decided to apply for the position of Coach… and I made it! After having worked a couple of years in this position, I wanted to share and develop my expertise in cosmetics by becoming a Project Expert within the Henkel team. My job consisted in helping and advising consumers in a customer friendly way and assisting my colleagues whenever required. It was a very interesting period during which a learned a lot, more in particular by supporting my colleagues.

Some time later, I was offered the opportunity to follow a traineeship in order to become a Team Supervisor. For a period of six months, I received an in-depth training and coaching, and learned all there is to know to assume this role. The training was followed by a favorable evaluation and today, I am holding the best position ever: Team Supervisor.

Nahla: “Today I am holding the best position ever: Team Supervisor.”


My journey at in2com started 21 years ago. I began my career as Advisor and got promoted over the years to Supervisor and Project Manager. The highlight of my career was definitely my trip to Seattle for a review meeting with our biggest customer at that time, Microsoft.

For many years, I have been working as Project Manager. The implementation of external and in house A-projects was a very challenging job that gave me a lot of professional satisfaction. During my “journey”, I sometimes headed into another direction to explore new areas. At a given moment, I worked as Improvement Manager on a Flemish Project. And some time ago, I made the switch to HR where I am currently holding the position of HR Officer. This job is tailor-made for a person like me who loves being close to people, assisting them, making sure that everything runs smoothly, improving working methods…

In2com is a small Belgian company where everyone knows each other – in fact, we are one big family – and where everyone is given the opportunity to point his career in a new direction. This is one of the main reasons why I like working here. Every day, my job offers me new insights and enables me helping other people by sharing my knowledge and expertise. So even after 21 years, I still think this is an exciting journey.

Brigitte: “We are one big family, everyone is given the opportunity to point his career in a new direction.”