In2Com Now:
In2com, IPG and Call-IT, the customer contact specialists under Koramic2Engage, are joining forces.
From January 1st, 2023, we will continue our growth story under the name WEngage.

Join the in2com team!

At in2com, we don’t have positions or charts with square-cut boxes. We prefer to have “Roles & Responsibilities” that give our employees the opportunity to develop their talents “outside the box”.



in2com increases the well-being of its employees by optimizing the in-house communication, and by being a HR trendsetter and partner for everybody who works for and with in2com. Our main HR objectives are the following:

  1. Develop people’s talents and passions
  2. Create opportunities to grow by not telling people how to solve the problem
  3. Give more responsibility
  4. Inspire instead of motivate

Autonomy, flexibility and passion

In a contact centre environment everything is measured and extremely result driven. For this reason, in2com has invested in an advanced IT platform that gives us the opportunity to communicate in new ways and cooperate with one another irrespective of place, time and hierarchy. In this way, we succeeded in designing a workplace built on autonomy, responsibility, flexibility and commitment.

in2com has also adopted the TAPAS concept (Talent & Passion), a source of initiative, creativity, innovation and continuous improvement for the benefit of its customers, employees, partners and stakeholders.