In2Com Now:

24/7 Crisis Communication Management

in2com offers you a comprehensive solution to effectively communicate with your stakeholders during a crisis, such as fire, accidents, storms, attacks or product recalls.

The Crisis Communication Centre is a powerful solution to communicate during crisis situations through telephone, e-mail, SMS, FAQ, text messages, Facebook and Twitter.

This modular product enables you to entirely adapt your message to the needs of your organization and to the magnitude of your crisis. It offers you reactive and proactive services and combines the empathy of the human voice and the efficiency of automatic systems.

Crisis Communication Centre: your advantages

  • 24/7 in contact with your stakeholders
  • Multi-channel solutions tailored to your needs
  • Fast communication and verified information towards your target group
  • No need to stop the operational processes of your company
  • No confusing or incorrect information
  • Your professional image stays intact even in difficult situations
  • You remain in control

Deliver the best customer experience. Human and digital

Koramic2Engage is dedicated to delivering the best customer experience, both through human and digital channels. More than 3.000 customer experience professionals guarantee a professional treatment of the contacts between our clients and their customers on a 24/7 basis.

Koramic2Engage combines the strengths of three renowned companies: IPG, a European call center group specialising in managing customer interactions, the customer and citizen engagement solutions expert in2com and RingRing, an experienced interactive customer service technologies provider.

Koramic2Engage is a 100% subsidiary of the Koramic group, a privately owned investment company active in industrial, financial, service and real estate activities, operating in 20 countries.

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