In2Com Now:
In2com, IPG and Call-IT, the customer contact specialists under Koramic2Engage, are joining forces.
From January 1st, 2023, we will continue our growth story under the name WEngage.

Turning your own contact centre into a real Engagement Centre

You do not intend to outsource your contact centre – or maybe just part of it – but you want to use the knowledge, experience and the 360 C platform of in2com? No problem! in2com has a multidisciplinary team to help you turning your contact centre into a real engagement centre.

Our methodology includes requirements review, statement of work, joint implementation and training. We will train your teams to become as independent as you want them to be, but we can also offer permanent or part-time dedicated resources to achieve your business objectives.

The in2com Professional Services team works together with ‘best of breed technology’ providers which enables us to deliver the best possible roadmap to success in close collaboration with your team. Best practices, proven methodologies, innovative technologies, minimized costs, less complexity… are the key drivers of our team.

360C Solutions

in2com changes the way customers are engaged. We invest in developing and aggregating the most advanced 360 C platform with best of breed technologies, supported by highly motivated and experienced advisors to offer your customers the right message at the right time at the right place.

Traditional contact centres usually adopt an individual approach with regard to most of the aspects involved in customer engagement processes. The 360C Solutions developed by in2com are based on another starting point, i.e. an integrated and individual view on your customer, placed in the right context, at the right time.

Channels Personalization Social - CRM Digital - Contextual Scoring & Profiling Engine Interaction Cloud Based Contact Center Platform Analytics & Insights KPI Management Cross-channel integration of all the key performance indicators, both at organizational and individual level. Engagement Score A single metric to measure your customer’s engagement rate. One of the best ways to predict customer churn. Performance Management A cross-level, coss- activities and cross- channel measurement to achieve mutual goals in an efficient and effective way. Business Intelligence A set of techniques and tools allowing the acquisition of raw data and their transformation into meaningful and useful information for business analysis purposes. Services Mobile IVR Improve your customer communication through the implementation and optimization of your IVR-system. Social Media Serve, inform and support your customer through all the online communication channels dedicated to community- based input, content- sharing, interaction and collaboration. Inbound Outbound Handle all incoming and outgoing customer contacts (phone, email, chat). Consultancy Provide expert advice on each business process level within an open partnership. Business Process Outsourcing Audit and optimize your business processes on every organization level to improve your customer engagement score. CITIZEN AND CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT


Deliver the best customer experience. Human and digital

Koramic2Engage is dedicated to delivering the best customer experience, both through human and digital channels. More than 3.000 customer experience professionals guarantee a professional treatment of the contacts between our clients and their customers on a 24/7 basis.

Koramic2Engage combines the strengths of three renowned companies: IPG, a European call center group specialising in managing customer interactions, the customer and citizen engagement solutions expert in2com and RingRing, an experienced interactive customer service technologies provider.

Koramic2Engage is a 100% subsidiary of the Koramic group, a privately owned investment company active in industrial, financial, service and real estate activities, operating in 20 countries.

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