In2Com Now:

Helpdesk Services & Technical Support

in2com has staffed its multichannel 360C platform with skilled, dedicated, multilingual and well-trained teams, able to provide advanced technical support services. Our advanced business intelligence reporting also provides you with the most detailed insights in your customers’ behaviour and patterns.

Our teams are available 24/7 and provide services in every language. We will develop for you the most innovative and most effective way to setup your technical support solutions, according to your needs: domestic, near shore, off shore, @home agents, automated, mobile apps solutions, and much more…

The technical support teams at contact centre in2com take care of:

  • software problems
  • trouble shooting
  • installation support
  • hardware problems

and much more… Just ask for it!

Deliver the best customer experience. Human and digital

Koramic2Engage is dedicated to delivering the best customer experience, both through human and digital channels. More than 3.000 customer experience professionals guarantee a professional treatment of the contacts between our clients and their customers on a 24/7 basis.

Koramic2Engage combines the strengths of three renowned companies: IPG, a European call center group specialising in managing customer interactions, the customer and citizen engagement solutions expert in2com and RingRing, an experienced interactive customer service technologies provider.

Koramic2Engage is a 100% subsidiary of the Koramic group, a privately owned investment company active in industrial, financial, service and real estate activities, operating in 20 countries.

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