In2Com Now:
In2com, IPG and Call-IT, the customer contact specialists under Koramic2Engage, are joining forces.
From January 1st, 2023, we will continue our growth story under the name WEngage.

Our innovative 360C Contact Centre Platform

in2com optimizes customer contacts through multiple communication channels – including mobile & social – by providing the right action at the right time to the right person within the right context through the right channel. To do so, we have developed a technologically advanced cloud-based 360C IT platform for the benefit of our contact centre clients and their engaged customers.

Superior Relationship Management + Profile Management
= Authentic 360C Customer Engagement



The 360C Components

User profiling

  • (mobile) Website visitor profiling
  • Mobile Apps user profiling
  • Profile exchange app/webb – in2com profile store
  • Every monitored channel can contribute to user profile enrichment


  • Optimize integration of social mentions into workflow
  • Content based routing
  • Media Alerts

Scalable telephony platform

  • Hybrid Cloud/On Premise
  • Unified platform
  • On premise advisor / outsourced advisor / work from home advisor
  • Chat interactions


  • End2end KPI modeling and monitoring
  • BI reporting platform
  • Work Force Management
  • Integrated localized


  • Recording, Scoring

Learning Management system

  • Integrated into optimisation platform and WFM