In2Com Now:
In2com, IPG and Call-IT, the customer contact specialists under Koramic2Engage, are joining forces.
From January 1st, 2023, we will continue our growth story under the name WEngage.

Dedicated to our public and private customers

Besides engaging clients of special organizations such as public services and NPO’s, in2com also provides dedicated 24/7 services to private customers, for instance utility companies.

Public services
One of the key responsibilities of local, regional and national governments and their administrations is providing the public with accurate information on their rights and their responsibilities, and to manage crisis communication.

Health care
in2com loves to assist organizations dedicated to well-being. We are proud to assist numerous non-profit organizations with different bespoke professional services such as 24/7 medical surveillance, crisis management and appointment setting.

Utility companies
Since the liberalisation of the energy market, consumers can freely choose their electricity and gas supplier. Building a loyal customer base has become essential. in2com covers all the steps in the customer lifecycle: get, keep and grow.

Non-profit organizations
in2com is committed to support non-profit organizations. Our people are delighted to help NPO’s with their fundraising campaigns, voluntarily and free of charge.